Personal Interest Courses

Courses For Your Body

-Angelic Lifestyle
This is not a diet, it is a 42 Day Energy Boost… learn a few new things your parents and teach didn’t tell you like, how you can tell what is going on with your body by a quick scan of your bowl movements… hey, you will be amazed!

-Secrets Of A Healer – Magic Of Series
Learn what the professionals do about healing the body with; Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Iridology, Reflexology, Massage and Muscle Testing

Courses For Your Mind

-Fairy Tales, Dreams And Reality… Where Are You On Your path?
 More than just Goal Setting… how the mind works and why it is so important to program your subconscious mind to focus on your dreams, wishes, wants and desires… Art Of Manifestation Master Course

– How To Create A Course That Sells

-How To Start A Business

-How To Write & Sell A Book

-Inner Genie Mastery L1
Inner Genie Mastery is designed to give you the tools to gain access, control and the ability to reprogram your Inner Genie (your subconscious mind) which can help you shift and manifest your dreams, wishes, wants and desires into reality. ⠀

EMPOWERING your body, mind and soul

-Your Persona… The Mask You Wear

Is All About You… So what is your main personality channel and why is so important to know? There are very specific personality traits that make up each channel…Audio, Knower, Visual or Feeler.

Courses For Your Soul

-Intuitive Life
A Guide To Self Knowledge & Healing Through Psychic Development
Intuitive Training is developing your ESP- Extra Sensory Perception.