Angelic Lifestyle – 42 Day Energy Boost

EVERYONE has the ability to do hands on healing… but learn how to increase your ability, how to purify your body to be a clean channel of energy… This Is Not A Diet!!!

This A 42 Day Energy Boost & Cleanse

Learn how your body works, what to eat and how to move to vibrate at a higher frequency by using the Angelic Lifestyle Techniques

Presented To You From A Grand Reiki Master…

Constance Santego

What is a Grand Reiki Master? When an apprentice is initiated into Reiki there is a meditation for the person to listen to that tells a story of how to meet your Reiki master in spirit. And when you get to the great room, you meet your Reiki Master and there to do the main initiation is a Grand Reiki Master, who leads the ceremony. A spiritual being whom is in tune with your body, mind and soul harmonized energy field.

To receive the title ‘Grand Reiki Master’ one of my many tasks was to create and complete this 42 day Angelic foods cleanse; which is a brilliant lifestyle change for anyone wishing to vibrate at a level of spiritual healing for the body, mind and soul (My personal task was to complete it 7 times).

A flexible body is also a key element to the energy one needs to allow spiritual energy to flow freely through your body. This energy is needed to emanate vibrant healing energy to yourself and your clients. The ancient secret of the chakra (meridian) system needs you to be open, flexible and vibrating this amazing spiritual energy that only whole foods gives you.

Enjoy the knowledge from the angels above granted through me to share with you the Angelic Lifestyle;perfect for anyone wishing to have and keep the body in harmonious atonement! Perfect information for every human being that is searching for a higher vibration.

Topics Covered In The Manual:


  • Angelic Lifestyle
  •        Heavenly Day
  • Angelic Foods Shopping List
  • Make Your Shopping List
  • Angelic Foods Meal Plan
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Popcorn
  • Rice
  • For Your Wellbeing
  • ~ Anatomy/Physiology of the Nervous System
  •           ~ Memory
  •           ~ The Mind
  •           ~ Anatomy/Physiology of the Digestive System and Nutrition
  •           ~ Does Death begin in the Colon? Take the test to find out.
  • Detoxification
  • ~ Fasting
  • ~ Respiratory
  • ~ Lymph and Skin
  • ~ Urinary – Kidney and Bladder
  • ~ Liver and Gallbladder
  • ~ Contrast Showers
  • Tests to Take
  • ~ Allergy
  • ~ Blood
  • ~ Hair
  • ~ Saliva
  • ~ Urine
  • Nutritional Facts
  • Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, Micronutrients, Air, Amino Acids, Antioxidants & Enzymes
  • Water
  • Calories
  • Body Mass Index
  • General Diet Guidelines
  • Canada Food Guide
  • Fiber
  • For Your Health
  • ~ Sugar / Diabetes Diet Suggestion
  • ~ Cholesterol / Heart Attack Diet Suggestion
  • Ketosis for those of you interested in dieting
  • Natural Health Techniques
  • ~ What is Muscle Testing?
  • ~ Chinese Body Clock
  • ~ Other Types of Sessions that will Benefit your Body
  • ~ Aromatherapy
  • ~ Body Wrap
  • ~ Body Scrub
  • ~ Beauty Tek
  • ~ Deep Breathing
  • ~ European Lymph Drainage Massage
  • ~ Reflexology
  • ~ Swedish Massage
  • ~ Table Shiatsu
  • Your Emotions and Eating
  • ~ Organs and Emotional meaning
  • ~ Emotional Clearing
  • ~ Hypnotherapy
  • ~ Reiki
  • ~ Meditation
  • What is your Carrot?
  •           ~Meditation session #2
  • What if I Fail?
  • The Important Role of Fitness
  • ~ Some forms of exercise
  • ~ Eight Essential Standing Exercises
  • ~ Easy exercises to develop your core
  • ~ Walking
  • ~ Yoga

42 Day Personal Energy Transformation

Course Content:

  • Angelic Lifestyle Manual
  • Angelic Lifestyle Cookbook
  • Angelic Lifestyle Workbook
  • Videos
  • 2 – 1 Hour Personal Coaching Sessions

Plus Receive Introduction to:

  • Anatomy/Physiology Manual
  • Pathology Manual
  • Herbology Manual
  • Nutrition Manual
  • Fitness Manual
  • Energy Manual

Learning Outcome:

  • You will learn many techniques to help yourself change your vibratory rate to a higher, angelic energy frequency.
  • Healthier Body, Mind & Soul
  • Holistic approach to energy healing

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If you are coming into the classroom, then you will be sent the calendar dates for the next upcoming classes (if you can’t make the dates, then come to the ones after that, there is no time limit of when you have to come to class – or if you ever have to. That is the nice part of how we offer these workshops, online and/or
The coaching can be in person, or through (you will need a computer camera and microphone).