Magic Of Hypnotherapy

Emotional stress can cause many distresses. The holistic counseling and hypnotherapy techniques taught are based off of my books and will help the practitioner learn effective techniques that can be used on client in a very relaxing manner.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

When you are under Hypnosis
Uses for Hypnosis
Misconceptions about Hypnosis
Conscious, Subconscious & Super conscious
Feelings Inventories
Levels of Consciousness
Lecron & Bordeux Scale
Signs of being in Trance
Practitioners position and speech
Answers , Preframe and Anchor
Deepening Techniques & Re-inducing           
Post Hypnotic Suggestion & Termination
Purpose of Session
Hypnosis Procedure
Old School      
New School

Everything You Will Receive:

  • Hypnotherapy Manual
  • Meditation Manual
  • Videos

Learning Outcome:

You will learn

  • Many techniques to help yourself change your negative thought patterns to new positive ones
  • How to develop very focused thought
  • How to do a past life regression
  • How to Stop… Smoking & Weight gain
  • How to use meditation as a type of Self Hypnotherapy Session

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If you are coming into the classroom, then you will be sent the calendar dates for the next upcoming classes (if you can’t make the dates, then come to the ones after that, there is no time limit of when you have to come to class – or if you ever have to. That is the nice part of how we offer these workshops, online and/or