Distinguishing Spirits

Telling The Difference Between Spirits

Within the level of the universe, there are three different elements: Humans, Ghosts and Spirits. 

We humans have one of the lowest frequencies, equaled by aliens on different planets, but we do have the most freedom.  In the Bible it says that we have free will, meaning we have the ability to choose and to make decisions about our actions. Whatever we put our minds to, we can make happen.

At the next frequency, we find ghosts. Their energy has a faster speed than ours, which is why sometimes we sense them and at other times we don’t. Seldom do you hear of people being able to actually touch a ghost in a solid form; usually they only see, hear or sense them.

One concept is that ghosts are able to use dust particles in the area and, with just the right light, we are able to see them. I know this is not true for all spirits, for the ones I saw when I was young were not dust particles.

Ghosts are very limited in the amount of freedom they have. They are people who have passed on and do not know where to go or were too afraid to go anywhere. Many humans have a belief system that when they die they only have two choices, heaven or hell. I am here to tell you that whatever belief you have of the afterlife is what you will create when you die.

(It is hard to portray the reality of the spiritual realm in a movie with only our human capabilities, but one of the best that had the most accurate description of the afterlife is the movie, “What Dreams May Come”, with actor Robin Williams.)

After ghosts come spirits; they are similar to ghosts but are not tied to one spot or object. They have the ability to change their frequency and move; they can go anywhere on earth and most can travel the universe and, depending on their rank, even to the higher levels of the celestial realm.

Spirits come in different varieties. Just as humans and ghosts, spirits can be good or bad.

Each one of us has a guide or maybe two, or three.  They are spiritual beings that have agreed to work with you as you travel your earthly journey.  They may be a belated relative, friend or someone from your past, who has passed over to the other side.  You may not recognize the spirit(s) but they have chosen to help you on your earthly path.  They may stay for a few hours, days, or years – as long as they are needed.  We can receive new guides each time we are facing new situations in our life and need some guidance.  They are only guides and you need to make sure that you are not allowing yourself to be led away from what is best for your higher good.  So make sure that you are always asking for advice that is for your higher good.

I have been introduced to four types of spirits that help us – Guardian (some people call this spirit an angel), Teacher, Worker and Protector.


Workshops To Learn Distinguishing Spirits

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#1 Guides and Levels
If you are going to distinguish spirits you need to learn the laws of the universe and beyond.

Learn how to communicate with the perfect/correct Guides and Angels for achieving your purpose of getting Answers by understanding the different levels.

#2 Channeling / Mediumship

If you understand my book ‘Your Persona… The Mask You Wear’ then this will be easy for you. Whichever your main channel is; Audio, Knower, Visual or Feeler is how you sense and usually send out energy …BUT when you take a breath and contact your belated love one, how do they communicate back to you; Audio, Knower, Visual or Feeler?

Reading (sensing) energy is the same, no matter why you are doing it. It is a vibration, a frequency (really some sort of light energy) that requires interpreting.

Learn how to get Answers by communicating, using the Medium Energy Techniques