Mental Growth

To me knowledge is life experience, education and common sense. You learn from your peers, family, teachers, enemies, from everyone and everywhere all day long. Your short term memory and long term memory stores what you need and a lot of times what you do not need.

Having a balance in the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual elements of yourself is the key. Knowledge can be instinct – survival: food, clothes and shelter. Or it can be prestigious – Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc.

No matter what you need to keep learning until the day you die (use it or lose it as they say). Learning new things keeps us young and open minded. The world changes so fast, we seem to just blink and technology seems to have changed already.

What you have learned can come from, watching, listening, reading, researching or coping. All you can take with you when you die is your memories. Learn how to communicate even past your earthly days.

Knowledge can also be passed down through your DNA by generations of family experiences. Ever wonder why there are many doctors in one family, or lawyers, or business people, etc.

Knowledge can also be attained through the friends you hang out with. A little like, ‘you are what you eat’. Well, you are who you associate with.

I am sure many would agree that there have been times when you are talking or giving a speech and the information seems to flow brilliantly out of your mouth. Your subconscious mind lets loose and the knowledge retained in your memory (limbic system) just flows out.

To empower others is to teach them how to fish, not just give them the fish. Share your knowledge with others, tell stories, write articles, do videos on YouTube, paint the history. Train your mind to retain important information, train your mind to let go of negative emotions, train your mind to notice subtle hints and clues to your wishes, wants and desires. Train your mind to speak your truth and act on your knowledge.

Meditate. Learn to calm and focus your thoughts. Learn how to let your mind teach you all about health, wealth and happiness. Teach others how to mediate and gain access to the brilliance of your mind!

Ways To develop the Gift Of Knowledge:

#1 Ikona Dream Big Board Game Read More

#2-7 are taught in the Inner Genie L3 – Intuitive Life Course

#2 Auras – How to see, feel, hear, know and draw the energy

Light frequency is an array of beautiful color and each color has a vibration which the scientist, Valerie Hunt was researching for many years. Kirlian photography equipment captures a subtle field of electromagnetic energy that radiates from all living things, otherwise known as an aura. Color therapy (chromotherapy) has been studied and used in healing for many years.

Learn how to get Answers and to Heal by using the Aura  Technique

#3 Astral Projection

Imagine opening your fridge and getting everything out to make yourself a sandwich. You need bread, ____, ____  and  ____ to make the sandwich. Now when you opened the door of your fridge which hand did you use? Which way does your fridge door swing?

Close your eyes and imagine it…Which way does your fridge door swing? Right or Left?

If you had to think about this, chances are that you astral traveled to your kitchen from wherever you are reading this to figure out which way your door swings.

Learn how to get Answers by the Astral Travel Techniques

#4 Automatic Writing

Conversations with God is an excellent book to read by Neale Donald Walsch and that is all he does, automatic writing. When you ask a question or just straight up start writing… do you really know ever word you are going to write or do you start and then the words start to flow?

If you haven’t tried it go ahead, it is amazing the answers your subconscious mind and intuitive energy will come up with.

Learn how to get Answers by using the Automatic Writing Technique

#5 Past Lives

Is it real or a made up story? Who cares the mind is creating an answer to your problem!

Learn how to get Answers by using the Past Life Technique

#6 Pendulum
 A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely.  Your body is a receiver and can interpret energy, when your brain is programmed for a yes / no answer the body can transmit that information. Now the real brilliance is in the question… since the mind is like a computer and is literal, what you ask is what you get!!!

Learn how to get Answers by using the Pendulum Technique

#7 Psychometry

How to read (sense) a picture / image, object, and hand writing / signature; then interpret the information that the energy is giving off.

Just as easy as reading any other book, the information becomes a story in your head!

Learn how to get Answers by using the Psychometry Technique